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SMA Computer GmbH


your expert of all printer-heads, offers you a perfect solution for the optimal repair and maintenance of your printer heads.
SMA Computer Gmbh is an independent manufacturing and production service enterprise who specializes in the repair of electronic building-groups.
Many years of experience and know-how, in the area of repairs combined with the modern equipment of our operation, assures our customers an unchanging high quality standard.

Our company has a completely stocked warehouse with parts for all major Matrix Printer Heads.

We offer promptness - since all the repairs are performed in house. Fast repairs, optimal quality control, competent information of the repair progress, as well as a dependable punctuality of the delivery date are guaranteed this way. In urgent cases we are able to offer, with no extra cost to our customers, a 24-hour-service.


The emphasis of our operations lies in the overhauling of Matrix-Printer-Heads as well as Fuse-Kits for laser printers. The overhauled building-groups rebuilt by our facility are equal in quality and performance as new parts are.

Dependability and protection of the environment -

the overhauling or repairs contribute enormous to environmental protection by minimizing computer scrap-metal and waste. For this reason, as well as the considerable cost savings it is advantageous for all customers to take the important step to use our companies performance.

  The association of quality insurance and certification
for the middle class e. V.
attests that our company
Roedersteinstraße 19
94538 Fürstenstein
uses a quality-management-system according to
DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000